Mt Kenya Political Mixed Grill

I lost a bet by casting in favor for Kanini Kega to succeed Raphael Tuju to Jubilee Party’s Secretary General slot. Oh! I came to realize President Uhuru Kenyatta is ‘baking’ a political grill to quench sectarian politics in Agikuyu nation.

Nyandarua county is a neuter in Mt Kenya politics. It administrative location-Munyeki location-where Olkalou sub-county which is the headquarter of Nyandarua county stands for-Mu=Muranga-Nye=Nyeri-Ki=Kiambu, signifying Nyandarua is settlement of all Kikuyus clans.

It’s from this perspective, I guess Uhuru went for Jeremiah Kioni from northern Nyandarua for Jubilee Party’s Secretary General to replace Tuju, and Amos Kimunya who hails from southern Nyandarua for National Assembly’s Majority Leader slot when he [Uhuru] decided to replace Aden Nduale.

Worthy to note northern Nyandarua borders Nyeri county while southern Nyandarua borders Kiambu county. Well, for political pundits would recall “Itigakira chania” [presidential motorcade] at height of the late president founding father, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta, succession debate.

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