My 2023 Weather Forecast

Global warming means changed patterns of heat energy with effects of seasons intensity.

Agriculture Evolution at Confluence

In practice only the dicotyledonous group of plants render themselves to grafting. While cloning is limited to only parent genetic make up.

RIP Prof George Albert Omore Magoha

I liken the late Prof Magoha’s audacity of doing things with that of William Morton, an American dentist who removed pain from surgery. On September 30, 1846, Morton locked himself…

Invented Texture Halter Neckline Leggings

Invented texture designs are arrangements of lines, hue values and shapes you see as real.

UTs Phased Out, Day-Schools Overdue

One of my elder siblings was over elated after securing government untrained teacher [UT] job straight from secondary school. Read the infamous Baringo teachers. Currently Kenya is having surplus of…