Gathered Bust Seam Top

I designed this outfit for a wishing to binge and dance night long. Piped culottes serves it better for mobility and tunes rhythmFa.

Halter Neckline Bikini

My fashion artistic view is that, ladies who want do away with basal or belly fat needs some stylish.

Sway Back Dress

Sway back dress will swing into the back of the body figure. But when I consulted a dress-maker on how to convert this design to fit long back clients; I…

Rhythm Skirt

Some fashion artists like me, seek to make their outfits designs seem active. When we do, we call upon the principle of rhythm. Rhythm is the principle of fashion art…

High Intensity Attire

What I learned is that some hues strike the eye as bright and alive. Others appear dull or muddy. The difference is the color’s intensity. So, intensity is the brightness…