Kalonzo Musyoka: A Fabian or Drone?

If Kalonzo is an entrepreneur, which type; Innovator, Adoptive, Fabian and Drone. Where can he be placed?

For me, I would place him either a Fabian or a Drone. Fabian entrepreneur is characterized by great caution and skepticism in practicing and change. Such entrepreneurs have neither the will to introduce new changes nor the desire to adopt new methods like the way former Vice President Moody Awori who Kalonzo preceded, introduced radical reforms at correctional facilities-prisons.

Drone entrepreneurs is one who follows the traditional methods of production. Such entrepreneur may even suffer losses, but even then they refuse to adopt and use new methods. They are laggards because they continue in their traditional ways of operation. This evidenced by Kalonzo failure to utilize his position as vice president to form his formidable brand like late Moi, Kibaki and Ruto did.

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