Kenya Kwanza Wrestle With Science

Like this, you are taken ill and admitted at hospital. After some time of treatment, the doctor attending on you perform diagnostic test and discharge you with clean bill of health. Then you meet somebody at hospital’s gate and advise otherwise-that you are still ailing.

This is the same scenario with Kenya Kwanza Alliance. For the ‘doctor’ of Kenya’s economic health status is Kenya National Bureau of Statistics [KNBS]. On Thursday, May 5, 2002, it [KNBS] released data showing Kenya’s economy grew by 7.5 percent, the highest rate since 2010, and more than 20 times the rate of 0.3 percent at the height of the pandemic in 2020. And as adage statement: Numbers don’t lie.

Well, Kenya Kwanza Alliance pillar principle DP William Ruto vehemently opposed and campaigned against Azimio’s principles attempt to amend constitution through BBI and introduce a post of prime minister, alluding economy was in ICU and needed to be fixed fast before creating post for individuals.

Now after proven wrong by KNBS in matters economy scientifically since no scientific research can be credible or complete without statics backing, Kenya Kwanza’s power deal is anchored in psychology, another branch of social science. This, Kenya Kwanza, in that matter, DP William Ruto is dangling carrot to the second largest ethnic tribe-Luhya-in form of Prime Cabinet Secretary post preserved for ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi to endear them.

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